When and How Much to Feed Your Labrador

It is important to feed your Labrador retriever a healthy diet that consists of regular daily feedings at about the same time every day. Once you have set up a schedule for your dog's feedings you will also want to have a specific location in your home where your dog can feel comfortable eating.

Many people choose the kitchen as the best location for their lab to eat, but this is not always the best spot since the kitchen is usually a very active place. Many dog owners believe that their dog wants to be part of the family and eat in the kitchen at the same time the rest of the family is eating, sharing meals together as a family. But most dogs actually prefer to eat their meal is a nice quiet place by themselves without having lots of people around them.

If you notice your dog is eating very quickly without slowing down to even chew their food, it may be because they are trying to finish quickly so family members do not interrupt them. Eating this quickly can often cause digestive problems. Even though your Labrador retriever is a very mild mannered dog it is still best to let them eat in a quiet place without interruptions and without a large amount of foot traffic interrupting them while they eat.

When is the right time to feed my dog?
Your vet may tell you a specific time or number of times that you should feed your dog each day. Older dogs usually work well with two feedings or even one feeding each day while younger dogs, especially puppies, like to have many smaller meals each day. It is not unusual to feed a lab puppy up to five times a day, just make sure to reduce the amount of food in each feeding so that your puppy is not receiving too much food.

As your puppy gets older you will want to follow your veterinarian's advice on the amount of food and number of meals you should be feeding them each day, but by the time your dog is one year old they should be able to just received one large meal each day.

Feeding your Labrador is a scheduling matter that you will have to figure out what works best for you and your dog. There is no specific right and wrong when it comes to feeding Labrador puppies or adult dogs. Your main goal should be to follow your veterinarian's advice as well as the guide on the back of your dog food. Pay attention to your dogs eating habits and adjust their food quantities as necessary. Your dog will usually eat whatever amount of food you give them so take care not to over or under feed your dog.

Article by Kelly Marshall, Head Author of Oh My Dog Supplies

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